Eurorack Module


Analog BBD Delay

This module is no classic echo, but a delay designed for audio rate feedback and sound sculpturing. The 1V/oct. tracking and a feedback CV input makes it suitable for many VCO-like applications, for creating drum and string -like sounds and/or for room ambience. There is a certain amount of noise, as to be expected from analog BBD delay modules, however the Delay1022’s clear and brillant sound in combination with the manually controllable output low pass filter makes this completely tolerable.

Delay1022 eurorack module, minijack version

3,5mm Minijack version
  • Delay times from 2.5 ms to 50ms (without T CVin)
  • CV controllable delay time (≙ feedback frequency)
    • Good 1V/oct. tracking
  • Feedback CV control input
  • 2nd delay output behind feedback-contolling VCA
    • Delay muting
    • Noise reduction
    • Effect inserts
  • Manually controllable output lowpass (12dB)
    • Noise reduction
    • Sound control
  • Optional with banana or 3,5mm minijack
  • Width: 12 HP
  • Dimensions:128,5 mm x 60,6 mm
  • Depth: 52mm
  • Supply voltage: ±12V
  • Power consumption:≈90mA
Delay1022 module, banana version

Banana version



In1: LFO triggered noise bursts
Time knob manually adjusted; BBD switch: 1/2


In1: LFO triggered noise bursts; manually adjusted Lowpass filter settings
T CVin 1 (and a little bit Feedback CVin): triangle wave LFO via Sample+Hold


In1: Short decayed noise/squarewave…rhythm machine (with 2 Delay1022s)
1V/oct keyboard (/with Portamento) to T CV in2 1V/oct…envelope generator to Feedback CVin


In1: LFO triggered short decayed noise/squarewave; different lowpass filter settings
Sample+Hold with LFO to T CVin 1;

2 Delay1022

In1: Rhythm machine with XR22VCO – 2 Delay1022s;
different CV ins

2 Delay1022

2 Delay1022s; Inputs: Filtered and gated noise.
(Background sound: rhythm machine)

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Delay1022 Sketch

Delay1022 right view

Side view right
Delay1022 left view

Side view left
Delay1022 banana and minijack version

3,5mm phone jack & banana version

Audio routing

(Without timebase CV)

Audio routing schematic

Previous Version (10HP)

Delay1022 10HP banana version Delay1022 10HP sketch Only banana version:
€ 215,-
  • Width: 10 HP
  • Dimensions:
    128,5 mm x 50,5mm
  • No feedback loop switch