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VCO with AM Input and FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)

Please see here a new version with a different manual frequency control: XR22 VCO FT
XR22 VCO banana jack version
Banana version
  • AM (Amplitude Modulation) Input
    • Ring modulation
    • CV controllable sine/triangle volume
    • Advanced waveform generation through feedback
  • FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)
    • Pulse and ramp generation
    • Switching between two different frequency CVs
    • Advanced waveform generating
  • LFO Mode
  • Optional with Banana or 3,5mm Phone Sockets
  • Width: 12 HP
  • Dimensions:
    128,5 mm x 60,6 mm
  • Power consumption:

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XR22 User Manual
XR22 VCO Panel Sketch
XR22VCO 1/8'' phone jack version
XR22 VCO with 3,5mm phone jacks
XR22 VCO phone jack + banana jack version
3,5mm phone jack & banana version

About Switch “Σcom→CVF2”

With this switch in upper position, both frequency routes F1 and F2 (with its frequency knobs, octave switches and CVins) work complete independently.
In its lower position, knob “F1/com” and sockets “CVin F1/com” and “CVin F1/com 1V/oct.” work for both routes F1 and F2. Now, when adjusting frequency with knob “F1/com” the knob works for both routes and the ratio between F1 and F2 remains the same. An applied control voltage to the respective CV inputs “CV1/com” and/or “CV1/com 1V/oct.” works also for both frequency routes F1 and F2; ensuring 1V/oct tracking when using both frequency routes within the FSK option.

Eurorack Module


Analog BBD Delay

Previous Version (10HP)

Delay1022 10HP banana version Delay1022 10HP sketch Download documentation
  • Width: 10 HP
  • Dimensions: 128,5 mm x 50,5mm
  • No feedback loop switch

This module is no classic echo, but a delay designed for audio rate feedback and sound sculpturing. The 1V/oct. tracking and a feedback CV input makes it suitable for many VCO-like applications, for creating drum and string -like sounds and/or for room ambience. There is a certain amount of noise, as to be expected from analog BBD delay modules, however the Delay1022’s clear and brillant sound in combination with the manually controllable output low pass filter makes this completely tolerable.

Delay1022 eurorack module, minijack version
Minijack version
  • Delay times from 2.5 ms to 50ms (without T CVin)
  • CV controllable delay time (≙ feedback frequency)
    • Good 1V/oct. tracking
  • Feedback CV control input
  • 2nd delay output behind feedback-contolling VCA
    • Delay muting
    • Noise reduction
  • Manually controllable output lowpass (12dB)
    • Noise reduction
    • Sound control
  • Optional with banana or 3,5mm minijack
  • Width: 10 HP
  • Dimensions:
    128,5 mm x 50,5 mm
  • Depth: 52mm
  • Supply voltage: ±12V
  • Power consumption:

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Side view 2
3,5mm phone jack & banana version

no longer available


Ring Modulator Oscillator with Preamp and LFO

  • Exciting Sound
  • Handmade Case
  • Etched and Burnished Design
  • Footswitch Control
  • Extern Oscillator CV-Ins
  • Output Level Attenuator
  • Listen to the Sound Files:
User Manual
XR1-S User Manual Frontpage
XR1-S is a ring modulator desktop unit with integrated oscillator and pre-amp, specially designed for instrumentalists who like the special sound of ring modulation. Also it is suitable as part of an analog synthesizer equipment. The internal LFO (with adjustable waveform symmetry) may be used to modulate oscillator frequency , as well as this can be modulated by an external CV Signal. There is a second AM input, which is DC-coupled and which allowes you to add an external control voltage (like from sequencer) for volume control of the VCO. The modulation oscillator frequency may be variied step by step with the “octave” switch and tuned with the “frequency” poti. Also there is a “sub” switch shifting the generator into very low frequency areas.
XR1-S front XR1-S top XR1-S rear XR1-S left side view

No longer available