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Please see the modernized versionXR22 VCO FT
This version ↓ is no longer available


XR22 VCO  (no longer available)

VCO with AM Input and FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)

 Please see here a  new version with a different manual frequency control:  XR22 VCO FT
XR22 VCO banana jack version

Banana version
  • AM (Amplitude Modulation) Input
    • Ring modulation
    • CV controllable sine/triangle volume
    • Advanced waveform generation through feedback
  • FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)
    • Pulse and ramp generation
    • Switching between two different frequency CVs
    • Advanced waveform generating
  • LFO Mode
  • Optional with Banana or 3,5mm Phone Sockets
  • Width: 12 HP
  • Dimensions:
    128,5 mm x 60,6 mm
  • Power consumption:




PDF Download

XR22 User Manual

XR22 VCO Panel Sketch

XR22VCO 1/8'' phone jack version

XR22 VCO with 3,5mm phone jacks
 XR22 VCO phone jack + banana jack version

3,5mm phone jack & banana version
The complete previous product page of this version can be seen here: